Unbekanntes Velotraum in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Ein uns bis dahin nicht bekannter Gordon aus Nord-Virginia war von diesem »Packesel« so beeindruckt, dass er uns am 30. Mai dieses Foto samt Kommentar geschickt hat.

Wir wissen zwar auch nicht, auf wen von unseren Kunden die Beschreibung – »zirka 30, lange Haare, gut gebräunt« – zutrifft, aber wir finden die kleine Story einfach nett. Thank you Gordon.

Hello Velotraum:
The young man stopped at the main plaza across the street with a couple of others and came into the “el Nicho” restaurant in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. He was around 30, long hair, could be German or maybe Austrian, and had the bronzed look from long time touring. He was looking for internet access and a breakfast of huevos rancheros with red and green sauce, an el Nicho specialty.

His bike looked good – loaded up (I would have carried less), very tough and built for touring. From the stickers on his Ortlieb packs, it has travelled far. I thought you might like to see one of your bikes working out in the world.

Best Regards,
GRDN Gordon
Northern Virginia, USA